Friday, February 29, 2008

My 1st sketch drawing class at Disney

here are a few of my first sketches in this drawing class. Every Friday afternoon during lunch time, Bob Kato brings in a model in various outfits to pose while we do 5-15 minutes sketches. I never have tried this before so Bob was nice enough to give me some pointers before I got started.

Monday Night Photoshop Painting Class

Every Monday evening Bob Kato (who teaches at Pasadena Art Center College) teaches us how to do traditional painting in photoshop. This is a piece I did from a photo. I have never painted this type of style s I was a little lost in the class but with some helpful hints from Bob I got my creative "magic" flowing and I left the call with this. I am trying to not get intimidated by all the super talent we have in the class.